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Finding The Best Slot Machine Odds

Finding The Best Slot Machine Odds

While many so-called gambling experts advise players to steer clear of slots, players rarely follow this advice. The fact is slots are downright spine-tingling and require absolutely no skill to play. It's not surprising that casinos offer hundreds of titles just to meet the demands of players. Although it's true that slots have worse odds than casino classics like blackjack, baccarat, dice, or roulette, those games lack the huge jackpots you'll find on some slot machines. Wouldn't your rather have the possibility to win thousands or even millions off a few pounds?

Even though slots are a game of pure chance, success isn't entirely out of your hands. The secret is to understand how slots work. When you realise that the game you play is more important than how you play it, you'll put yourself in the best position to win.

Understanding The House Advantage

Did you know that all casino games have a built-in house edge? Over the long haul casinos take in more money than they pay out to players. That's precisely how casinos make money even after giving out free food, drinks, and hotel suites. It's why gambling critics maintain that the only sure-fire way to win is to open your own casino. Yet acknowledging this reality is also the first step to winning more often.

While the odds may seem stacked against you, there are three things that make things interesting and potentially lucrative for players. The first is a concept called variance. The second is that the house advantage isn't consistent across games. The third is that you can improve your overall haul by claiming various casino perks.

Game Variance

When you play games of chance like slots, there's really no such thing as luck. Your odds of winning are based on a mathematical formula. Random number generators work behind the scenes to create outcomes of pure chance. If you actually study the odds of hitting a jackpot, the odds are 1 in many millions. Of course, there are many smaller prizes up for grabs that you have a realistic shot of winning. Yet the fun of playing any gambling game is that theoretically anything can happen. It's these longshots that keep people excited, interested, and compelled to play. That's where variance factors into the equation.

Variance can be a complicated topic. But since slots are designed to be fun, what you should know is that expected outcomes are only true over the long haul. In the short term, each spin is an independent random event. Yet over time and millions of spins, the collective results end up being in line with the posted odds. Of course, even if you played constantly for several weeks straight you wouldn't put a dent in the number of spins required to have your result mirror the expected mathematical outcome. Since the long term results give the casino an edge of at least a few percentage points, the short term is filled with possibility.

Slot Machine Variance

Slot Machine Variance

If you find yourself digging deeper into statistics and slot machine systems, you'll probably see slot machines referred to as a game of high variance. In this case, variance is synonymous with volatility. It means that slots rarely payout, but when they do the prizes are often large. At the other end of the spectrum are low variance slots, which let you win more often yet most wins are quite small. High variance games are suitable for players who have lots of time and money, while low variances are a better choice for players with limited time and money, but these are topics for another guide.

Knowing Your Odds

Did you know that casinos publicize the payouts of every game they offer? To discover the best odds all you have to do is compare the posted payouts. If you play live at a local casino, the payout odds may be posted on the machine or available by request. When enjoying online slots, you can find this info either on the website or by contacting customer service.

When you see a site advertise that they have an 85% payout rate that means for every bet, is returned to players. As we mentioned earlier, this doesn't affect you on a personal level. It's only true over the long haul and won't be exhibited in a single gaming session or even over years of personal play. The good news is that online slot machine payouts are far better online than when playing live. In Las Vegas, payouts can be as low as 75% yet online you'll find games that pay out 95% or higher. It's important to realise the odds not only vary between games, but an identical title can have drastically different odds if you play it at another site. Always compare the odds before playing. It's the easiest way to minimize the house edge.

Improve Your Overall Odds

Improve Your Overall Odds

It's not hard to find online slot machines with payouts in the mid-nineties. Yet you can close the gap by claiming all the offers you have coming to you. Start by taking advantage of lucrative sign up bonuses that will match your deposit with hundreds in free cash. You'll also find great promotions that give you free spins, pounds, and prizes. Almost every online casino also offers a VIP program that lets you accumulate points whenever you play, which you'll be able to redeem for complimentary play, money, or other perks. When you factor in these valuable benefits, you might even end up with the upper hand.