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Comparing Online Slots And Fruit Machines

Comparing Online Slots And Fruit Machines

It's hard to deny that the internet has made life much easier. Anything you can dream about is just a click or swipe away. Today's conveniences make the late twentieth century seem uncivilised if not prehistoric by comparison. That's especially apparent in the world of entertainment. If you love playing fruit machines, there's no need to pay a visit to a pub, arcade, or casino. Vastly superior action is available online around the clock at less than a moment's notice. Keep reading to learn why today's internet slots are easily the best game in town, no matter where you live.

About Traditional Fruit Machines

Although the terms fruit machines and slots are used interchangeably, that wasn't always the case. In fact, the original fruit machines featured elements of skill to satisfy legal requirements surrounding games of chance in the UK. These games, which gained popularity in arcades and pubs, feature smaller jackpots and special features like nudging, holding, cash ladders, and bonus boards. Traditional fruit machines are known for having poor payouts in the low 70% range. These games aren't widely available online, but we consider that to be a good thing.

Game Selection

Did you know there are strict rules that dictate the number of slot machines a British casino can offer? Large casinos are limited to 150 machines and smaller casinos are restricted to 80 machines. If you don't live near a decent casino, your offline options will be even more limited.

Compare this to the United States where the largest casinos have sprawling floors stuffed with thousands of slots. Keep in mind that when considering these numbers, we are dealing with physical machines rather than the distinct number of titles.

Even though 100 slots might sound sufficient, online slot machine sites boast hundreds of unique titles. Since games are offered up on demand, you won't have to line up or fight other players for a seat, no matter how many people are online. With so many games to choose from, it's easy to find titles that feel like they were made just for you.

Your Choice Of Stakes

Although many modern fruit machines let you adjust the coin denomination, number of paylines, and total wager, online games give you greater flexibility. Whether you prefer penny slots or want to play for over a hundred pounds per spin, you'll have better options on the internet. It's much easier to satisfy your needs at the lower and higher ends of the spectrum when you play online.

One surprising aspect about today's leading online slot sites is that they'll gladly let you play for free. Enjoy hundreds of titles just for fun with no commitment. It's great if you want to test out the games or aren't interested in spending any cash. Good luck finding free games at your neighbourhood gambling spot.

Authentic Gameplay

If you've visited a live casino lately, you've probably noticed that traditional mechanical slots are on the decline. They've been replaced by more elaborate video slots. With the elimination of reels whirling before your eyes, internet slots are now identical to what you'll find in the real world. Why bother leaving the comforts of home when online games offer complete authenticity?

Comparing Payouts

Comparing Payouts

There are more than 100 places to enjoy slot machines on the internet. That level of competition is great for players and has lead to better overall payouts. That's the percentage of cash that's returned to players over time. In fact, online slot machine payouts can be 95% or higher. Compare that to fruit machines in the UK that often pay 70%. That means the house edge can be five or six times greater when you play in the real world.

Online casinos make it simple to compare payout rates. It's easy to view statistics and certificates if you are interested in the numbers. When you play live, payouts can be more elusive. Plus, it's harder to protest poor payout rates, unless you plan on refraining from playing. Even if you don't like what you see, you can't switch casinos unless there's another one across the street. On the web, a better casino is just a click away.

Progressive Jackpots

Whether you play live or on the internet, progressive slots are the biggest casino attraction. It's hard to resist the possibility of winning millions off a single spin. While not all casinos in the United Kingdom offer progressive games, they are widely available on the internet. In fact, online casinos have a greater variety of progressive slots with larger jackpots and superior odds. Just like live games, online progressive slots are networked across multiple sites, which means they are widely popular and feature jackpots that swell right before your eyes.

Casino Convenience

If you love fruit machines, you probably won't be content playing at a pub or arcade. Those games are poor approximations of what you'll find at a half decent casino. Unfortunately, there may not be a quality casino near you. Are you prepared to make the trek for a little fun? Is it worth it if you are only planning on playing for a few minutes? Luckily you can safely answer no to both questions without abandoning the possibility for excitement.

When you opt for online slots, you can play anywhere even on a whim. Just grab your computer, tablet, or mobile to get in on the action in seconds. Since you can play instantly, online slots are perfect if you want to play short sessions. While travelling 20 km to play for two minutes is nonsensical, online slots players can skip the ride and start spinning the reels right away.

Slot Machine Bonuses

The Online Advantage

Although today's best live casinos do offer loyalty programmes to slot machine players, they simply can't hold a candle to what you'll find online. Internet gambling sites know that you can easily play at a hundred other sites. That's why they're willing to earn your business by giving you free money. Claim deposit bonuses that will boost your bankroll from your very first spin. There are also valuable promotions online that give you bonus cash and prizes. Plus, you can also earn loyalty points online every time you play.

The Online Advantage

Even though live slots players are often skeptical about online gambling, they tend to change their collective tune. While traditional casinos offer a great atmosphere, they simply can't compete with the convenience, game variety, superior payouts, and rewards that you'll find on the internet. It almost makes you wonder if the days of live casinos are numbered. Until then, the choice is yours.