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Your Wirecard Online Slots Banking Guide

Your Wirecard Online Slots Banking

You don't need a traditional credit card to play slots online in the UK. The top slots sites for real money real money welcome virtual and prepaid credit cards like WireCard. The company offers several secure payment services that gambling fans love and online casino slot sites welcome.

If you're looking for enhanced safety when playing UK online slots, WireCard is the smart choice, even if you already have a Visa or MasterCard. Our slot machine experts have tested every regulated site in Britain to find the top places to play. Here's what's in store at the top WireCard online slots sites:

  • Hundreds of thrilling slot machines
  • Huge progressive jackpots worth millions
  • A gigantic real cash welcome bonus

Play Without Waiting

Play Without Waiting

The best things about online slots is that you can play them instantly anywhere in the UK at any hour of the day. If you feel like enjoying online slots, WireCard never forces you to play the waiting game. Even if you are new to WireCard, it's simple to sign up for your free account immediately. When you take advantage of the free WireCard virtual MasterCard or Visa, you won't have to wait for your card in the post either. It's easy to load your WireCard payment account and fund your online casino bankroll in under a minute. The payment company also offers plastic cards, which let you spend your money offline as well as online.

Unrivalled Privacy and Safety

With WireCard, UK online slots are now available to players who lack credit cards. That's because some players aren't completely comfortable using their credit card at an online casino. While it's certainly safe to make a deposit at a licensed and regulated UK slots site, your virtual card gives you an additional layer of protection. You'll never have to give the casino your bank account or standard credit card information when making an online WireCard slots deposits. That's because WireCard effectively acts as an intermediary, allowing you to exercise greater discretion when playing or shopping on the internet.

An online WireCard slots deposit can help you stick to your budget. Since WireCard is prepaid, there's no need to worry about racking up debt that you'll have to deal with later. Just load your virtual Visa or MasterCard with a set amount that you can afford and use it to fund your bankroll. With no risk of accidentally overextending yourself, it's the wise choice of anybody who cares about playing responsibly.

Enjoy Hundreds Of Online Casino Slots

Enjoy Hundreds Of Online Casino Slots

Did you know top internet gambling sites offer even more slots than London's largest casinos? When you visit any of the best real money slot machine sites, you'll find hundreds of games. Whether you prefer classic fruit machines with a single payline or the latest video slots that give you 1024 ways to win per spin, prepare for your lofty expectations to be exceeded. The only downside is you might have trouble deciding what games to play first.

UK online slots are available at a wide range of denominations. It's just as easy to play real money slots for £0.01 or 100 GBP per spin if you prefer. If you don't feel like spending any real cash at all, the best UK casinos let you try slots online for free.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

You don't need a PC or Mac to play online slots. WireCard users can make their deposit and enjoy the action on smartphones as well as tablets. Take advantage of fantastic online slot machine apps to enjoy games anywhere in the United Kingdom. Just visit any of the WireCard friendly sites on this page to get started. You'll be able to claim a huge welcome bonus, no matter what safe and secure banking method you prefer.

WireCard FAQs

Will I have to pay any fees when depositing?

The best gambling sites won't charge you any fees when placing a WireCard online slots deposit. The payment company itself does charge fees for some services like reloading at a retailer or if you want a physical card. You can find the latest fees on the company's website.

What UK slots sites work best with WireCard?

The great thing about WireCard is that you can use it at just about any online casino. As long as MasterCard or Visa is accepted, your virtual card will be welcome. Of course, our slot machine experts have tested hundreds of sites to find the casinos with the top payouts, greatest games, and biggest bonuses. Just follow the links on this page.

Can I use WireCard to withdraw my winnings?

Many sites now let you cash out with WireCard. If your online casino supports withdrawals by Visa or MasterCard, you should be able to use your virtual card to receive your cash. Once your cash is in your account, it's easy to spend it online or withdraw it from an ATM with the optional physical card.

Will my payment account work with mobile?

WireCard is smartphone and tablet friendly. Whether you are signing up, depositing funds, or managing your account, you'll never need a Mac or PC. Just make sure you have Wi-Fi or internet access from your mobile carrier.

Can I receive a deposit bonus?

You can definitely receive complimentary cash, free spins, and other perks using just about any funding source. Just browse this page for great offers available online in the UK.