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3 Reel Online Slots Guide

3 Reel Online Slots Guide

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple. While the latest and greatest games can ignite your senses, the excitement often fizzles fast. At the same time, simplicity has staying power. When playing online slots, 3 reel games are straightforward yet spellbinding for hours on end. 3 reel online slots have stood the test of time even in the face of fancier alternatives. Our internet gambling experts have found the best UK internet casinos with the top rated 3 reel online slot machines for real money.

Whether you love classic fruit machines or progressive online slots, 3 reel action doesn't disappoint. We've tested and compared over a hundred leading licenced online slot sites in the United Kingdom. Here's what to expect when you visit a recommended slot machine casino online in 2018:

  • Dozens of fantastic 3 reel slot machines
  • Great apps for your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • A giant real cash sign up bonus

For the top slots action to be had throughout August 2018 look no further than our reviewers' best-rated casino, Betway Casino.

What You Need To Know About 3 Reel Online Casino Slots

Three Reels Started It All

About 3 Reel Online Casino Slots

Slot machines first appeared in the late nineteenth century in the USA, but they shortly made their way across the pond. The original United Kingdom models featured three reels emblazoned with various fruit symbols. If you gamble on slots online and want to play UK slots, 3 reel classic fruit machines are still available in 2018. Talk about standing the test of time!

When playing online slots, 3 reel refers to the number of rotating cylinders. If you play at a live casino, these reels mechanically turn before your eyes. Yet when enjoying casino online slots, the animations are top notch.

It's Easy To Play 3 Reel Online Slots

When choosing online slots, 3 reel games are the most straightforward. All you have to do is choose your game, adjust the coin denomination, select the size of your bet, and press the spin button. When the reels come to a halt, you'll be paid if any qualifying combination of symbols appear on the payline. There's no skill required to play 3 reel slots at an online casino or live in the United Kingdom.

3 Reel Slots Are Affordable

You already know that out of all the slots online, 3 reel games are the easiest. You can master the slots before taking your first spin. Yet whether you are a beginner or a seasoned slot player, you'll definitely appreciate the flexibility of being able to play within your budget. The best titles let you play entirely on your own terms. You can play for a couple of pence or a hundred pounds per spin. When enjoying online casino slots, 3 reel players will want to play the maximum number of coins, even if that means choosing a smaller coin denomination. If you hit a jackpot, your return will be exponentially better off with a max wager.

Play 3 Reels For The UK's Top Real Cash Payouts

When looking at playing the best online slots, 3 reel games might not seem like your best bet. Although three-reel slot machines tend to have just a single payline, the overall payouts are as good as or better than five-reel casino games. Don't be deceived by the dozens or even hundreds of paylines on five-reel slots. Although you may win on fewer spins playing online slots with 3 reels, each individual win should net you more cash. Just stick to the games with the highest posted payouts in the United Kingdom.

Hit The Jackpot

Hit The Jackpot

Many beginners incorrectly assume that they need to play the latest video slots for a chance to hit a real money progressive jackpot. Although the majority of progressive slots feature 5 reels, there are a few 3 reel online slots with epic jackpots. Don't forget that when playing progressive online slots with 3 reels, it's not an all or nothing proposition. There are countless ways to win. Visit any of our top rated sites and start vying for the greatest real cash prizes on the web.

Play 3 Reel Online Slot Machines For Free

It doesn't take much real cash to experience 3 reel online slots. It might seem too good to be true, but you can play any of the hottest slots for free in 2018. Although you won't be able to win millions when playing free online slots, 3 reel games still provide hours of entertainment. Free slots are a great way to test out individual titles without wasting any real money. You can even enjoy free online casino action on your mobile. There's no charge for the app either! Just visit these recommended free UK slot sites to get started.

We Answer Our Readers Most Common Questions

What is 3 reel slots?

3 reel slots are known as classic slots. They have just three rows of reels and are usually simpler to play. They don’t come with as many features and generally don’t offer massive payouts either.

Is it legal to play?

Yes, 3 reel slots are perfectly legal to play. They work just the same as the other slot games and can be enjoyed by all sorts of players.

Which games are most popular?

The most popular 3 reel slots are options from major developers like Playtech and Microgaming. Coral Reef is a good example of a highly popular classic 3 reel slot.

How much can I win?

You can win hundreds of thousands of pounds while playing these slots, but be prepared to make large wagers to do so.

Where are the top jackpots?

The top jackpots are on highly popular 3 reel slots offered by huge casinos online. They can be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds for the lucky players, which is why so many people still try the classic slots.

Are 3 reel slots rigged?

No, the reputable ones are not rigged at all. Everyone that plays has the same chances of winning. You need to locate a quality casino in order to enjoy good odds though, so choose carefully.

Are 3 reel slots safe?

When you're careful about where you play they are definitely safe. There are many options, so choose the casino and slot with care for best results.